Designer Pendant Lights to Beautify Any Room

Image above: Lightyears Orient P1

Since we moved into our new home, I was looking for the perfect pendant lights for the central part of our living room. I searched for modern yet timeless lamps. They should be both remarkable and–of course–affordable, but shouldn’t look too extraordinary. Just very well-designed.

Some weeks ago, I finally found the right one. Designed by Jo Hammerborg in 1963, Lightyears Orient P1 pendants meet all of my requirements. It took me a while to decide whether to get the copper or the black version. I ended up with copper and I can’t stop looking at them. Having said this, I’ve found some more that I liked and that I want to share, just in case others are also searching for a stylish and well-designed hanging lamp. The following list may be useful for them.

Louis Poulsen PH 3½–3

© Image Louis Poulsen A/S
Louis Poulsen’s PH pendants are true classics. Designed by Poul Henningsen almost 100 years ago, they blend well with pretty much everything. Price range between €700 and €750. Check also model PH 3/2 (and watch this video where Poul Henningsen explains about the background to his lighting philosophies).

Louis Poulsen Toldbod 155/220

© Image Louis Poulsen A/S

Small and pleasent. Beautiful selection of colors. Relatively affordable, about €250 each, so they can easily be combined with each other, and probably should anyway.

Northern Lighting Bell

© Image Northern Lighting AS

Another Scandinavian highlight. Becomes even more interesting when combined with other colors. The price of the porcelain made Bell series–designed by Mark Braun–is similar to Toldbod: about €230.

Nordic Tales Bright Bloom

© Image Nordic Tales

A label lesser known than the previously mentioned ones is Nordic Tales. Their 2014 Bright Bloom model–designed by Jonas Hoejgaard–comes in white and copper. You can’t get a top-notch pendant for way less money (about €155), unless you also consider their Bright Sprout lamp (about €90).

Schneid Eikon

© Image Schneid Design Studio

The only one in my list that has no Scandinavian origins. Schneid is a young German design studio that creates contemporary nordic lighting and furniture. Eikon cost about €250 and is available in different forms and colors.

Normann Copenhagen Bell

© Image Normann Copenhagen Aps

Normann Copenhagen is a interior design label that should be on your map anyway. One of my favorite pieces is this Bell-inspired lamp, designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck who payed special attention to details, emphasizing the gathering point between the cord and the lamp itself in a contemporary way. Different colors and sizes available, starting at €230.

&Tradition Copenhagen

© Image &Tradition

&Tradition’s Copenhagen pendant is just the right balance between industrial feeling and elegance. Designed by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou Pendant it starts at €230€. The Copenhagen lamp has the potential to become a new classic.


There are so many more well-designed pendant lights I’ve discovered, including:

Do you think this list is incomplete? Just let me know, I’m happy to learn about further alternatives (I still have a room left).